If we can revise some of our attitudes towards the land under our feet; if we can accept the role of a steward, and depart from the role of conqueror, if we can accept the view that man and nature are inseparable parts of the unified whole, then we can be a shining beacon in the dull, uniform and largely artificial world.

Olegas Truchanas

Sein, is to just be … to come full circle; connecting to our land, our selves and our communitites. This connection is created through hands-on growing and producing our own food which is all supported by innovative technology and community knowledge sharing.

We live in a world of severed connections and broken circles … disconnected from our heritage, our land, each other and our own bodies; we exist, to reconcile those broken circles.

Seeking to find purpose in a tech-led Australian corporate landscape, we returned to past memories of Austrian woodlands, farming on family property and creating schnaps with grandparents from abundant fruit crops. With over 20 years of experience in the field of technology and a legacy of working with our land and growing, we begin to heal those broken circles and nurture new connections through our communitites, our creations and our tech.

We begin, with our sensors; collecting environmental information that assists to plan and grow. We move through to growing; providing spaces and tools, paired with helpful data to grow your own food. We then slow and rest with a sip of schnaps or a bite of our fermented produce; distilled and fermented from an abundance of produce, grown by our hand.

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